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Australian made medicinal mushroom extracts for healthy, happy doggos.

Our natural dog supplements are made using medicinal mushrooms and nutritious ingredients to boost immunity, cognition and wellbeing.

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Is your doggo getting the nutrients they need?

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Your doggo’s body is a temple, right?

But did you know that Australian dog food standards are voluntary? This means there’s no way of knowing whether your best friend is getting enough goodness in their grub.

Our natural dog supplements are a nutritious addition to kibble or fresh food, transforming those tail wags to full body wiggles.

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Why do we use medicinal mushrooms for dogs?

Missy and Cleo running on the beach

In a word: science. The emerging research surrounding medicinal mushrooms show they have extraordinary potential to enhance immunity, cognition, digestion and joint health. They’re rich in vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and beta-glucans, all so your doggo can have the best day, every day.

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Who are we?

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At Dog’s Defence, we’re dedicated to sharing the holistic health benefits of mushrooms with the world. Our wolfpack includes our two mushroom farmers (Shane and Ash), our queen bowl slurper (Cleo the cavoodle) and our doggo angel (Missy the staffy-kelpie mix).

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